I created these or told this story with as much energy as Kanye ranting over why he should be given a chance in fashion. To me It’s a study of man, as an African man. The feelings and evolutions we face in this day and age seen through my aesthetic pauses of both lens and intuition. We approached each detail with precaution and detail, starting from the cover which stands on its own as a poster for Man. Approaching it with a magnitude of lessons I want to learn as a man myself. Things I feel as I grow to the man I become. What I see in the images are life lessons. I want us to be able to look back at this study and also take it as a note pad, or a learning brick for the kids but not only for them but also as a way to see our own growth. To see the lessons we laid out for ourselves as men being executed cause we didn’t stop growing. This is my minimalistic approach to a topic so broad, my view put in eight intricate pictures. Nothing more but my work and it’s words speaking through your views as an Owoden.

Man, Stretch. Listen to your own heart. Be what is destined. Don’t fight the chaos, survive it. Rave and speak with confidence. It’s now, live

Man, Get Up. Power lies in your constitution. Reality resides behind your dreams. You’re the first breath of God. Lay no more. There’s work to be done

Man, Provocative. You are more. No limits. Be an expression. Ethos of you should shine. We came to be kings.

Man, Journey. Freedom. No one owns you. Custodians of glory. Roam, Embrace, Mystify with the land. Escape to your peace.

Man, Ponder. Cry if you feel. No one gets it. Relinquish a comfort zone. It’s not a choice but an island of growth. Keep the fire burning.

Man, be transparent Touch lives as you move Leave an imprint in the sand of time Fulfill your bequest See beyond the storm You are a story that will never be rewritten

Man, Be Patient. Anger is never power. Strength comes in wisdom. What is yours, should be fought for. Not with blood, but with courage. Stand for something.

Man, Fickle. Do not trust him. He has only what he knows. Keep with him. Pacing gently in distress. Unorthodox. Boundless. Vague. – Man.


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Credits : Graphics Designer : Taiwo Ayodeji Location by Kitan Crew

Special Thanks to Alumni Model Agency London Uk

Muse :Ayodeji Babatope

Baroque Age©

Source: Owoden (MAN) | thompsonphotog | VSCO Journal