tipsy araga

Tipsy araga 1
my name is Tipsy, “TIPSY ARAGA”.
I am strong
I am “ARAGA”

Tipsy araga 2

Music is a weapon ,
My weapon,
My life
My soul
ooO Gbo?

tipsy araga 3

A man must understand the rules of harmony, before he can understand the Talking Drum, doing otherwise makes him a noise maker.

tipsy araga 4

I am the AFRO
I am the Melody
I transcend my feelings
I create music
tipsy araga 5
my grandpa sold spare parts, he was known for providing good commodity and because of this the Yoruba men called him Araga , it means original.
I am tipsy ARAGA I am the original tipsy.
tipsy araga 6

ive got more than just a mic and a voice , ive got my mind and my soul

tipsy araga 7


oh ruthless one I have realized my blunders, I promise to respect the ART till death takes me to a better place.

tipsy araga 8

music protects
music restores
music shields the mind

tipsy araga 9

success is proven when there is a set motive at hand and a plan in action

tipsy araga 10

music protects
music restores
music shields the mind