I looked into the old books, I tried to evaluate the matter at hand but I did not come to a reasonable conclusion so i took a long walk on the streets of ilishan, a rural vicinity in Ogun state, Nigeria , It was on a Sunday morning and I had just left school for no particular reason but sight seeing and a dose of fresh African country air , sigh the system had made me feel like I was away from home for too long.

       I was now on the streets of ilishan slowly approaching the market area, I heard bells jingle from afar, the beautiful and pleasing screams of traders, which echoed in my ears made me smile , I could only think of the words that this men and women yelled, “WASO WASO” one hundred naira. As I entered the market area I saw a man dressed in white robes with a crucifix on his right hand and a bell on his left , his light brown looking dreadlocks and dirty white beards caught my gaze, I was lost in my head for a moment, it was like the words coming out of his mouth and the surround sound from the market all turned to rubbish in my ears, I was so focused on admiring the whitebeards and dirty dreadlocks on his head.
       I shook my head and blinked consistently to regain consciousness, now everything made sense again and I could hear what he was saying, I had suddenly recovered from that unconscious state. I listened to this man as he spoke, he was talking about the occult and the illuminati, he kept emphasizing on the fact that they ruled the world in transit and supreme secrecy, he accused this cults of terrorism, abductions and murder. I listened for a while and I headed back to school with thoughts of what this preacher had said.
       I needed to express my self, I needed to tell someone what I had heard in other to give myself some rest of mind. I talked to my friend Obinna and we translated this thoughts into.
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ASSIST: Olayinka SDQ x Adeniyi oyenaike