Dear self,

You were not made to be anyone else but yourself… Your power is in your difference. Therefore, love yourself unapologetically. You are enough.


Love yourself, you unique human.

“A flower does not compete nor compare itself to other flowers, instead it spreads abloom with tender petals giving off all forms of elegance.” Such ardent love!

As human, the possession of a mind is what puts you in a state of doubt as to whether or not you are enough. The mind is constantly being infiltrated with bunch of lies that makes you see yourself as unworthy, which in turn leaves you in a constant state of comparison and competition with other humans. You have being made to believe that a certain type of personality, skin color, feature, size, height, career, hobby etc… are the only acceptable ones. This information sinks into your subconscious, making sure that every time you look at yourself, you see everything that you’re NOT instead of the phenomenal human that you are. You neglect being an authentic you for being a second hand version of someone else.


Love yourself , you phenomenal human.

There is a need to unlearn all the lies that you have been told, there is no such thing as standards. It’s okay to have scars, collar bones do not mean you are starving, your acne is not a taboo, your little titty does not make you any less of a woman, your inability to grow beards does not make you any less of a man, it’s okay that you have a unique sense of style and hate to go with the trend, it’s okay to wear prints on patterns if that’s your thing, it’s okay that your interests and hobbies are way different from the popular ones, it’s okay that you love to express yourself, your short hair is not a disease, that you are NOT in a relationship does not make you half of a person. The list is endless. Go ahead now and LOVE YOURSELF FIERCELY You amazing human.


Love yourself, love other humans.

“The presence of the beauty of a sunflower is not the absence of that of a rose”. The sunflower and rose are both beautiful flowers, though the sunflower has more charisma and vibrance , it does not in any way diminish the beauty of the rose. They both stand out in their own unique way. Likewise, you. The beauty of another person is not the absence of yours, the universe is a vast space filled with humans of numerous diversity. You are the only you in the universe, therefore you will meet people who look better than you, act better than you, have accomplished more than you have, etc.. But all that does not decrease your worth. You must learn to show love and appreciate the beauty of others. Jealousy is proof that you do not love yourself. Envy is proof that you do not understand your uniqueness. Do not let the presence of someone else’s aura disturb you, co-exist with people in ultimate love whilst basking in your own radiance. You cannot give what you do not have, so go ahead and LOVE YOURSELF, so others can benefit.


Love yourself , you beautiful human.

Loving yourself fully will bring you to a level of confidence, where other people’s opinion of you cannot falter your sense of self, because the foundation is rooted in love and acceptance. A level where you are never afraid to show up as you truly are. A level where you do not depend on outside compliments to feel good about yourself. A level where you do not seek validation from anything or anyone. A level where other people’s beauty or achievement or talent is not a threat to you but a push for you to do better. The level where just like flowers, you are not afraid to spread abloom and bask in your elegance. A level of high frequency. Go on and LOVE YOURSELF now, you deserve it!

Art direction/ styling/ photography by: Wande Lawal.

Muse: Lakisha Sanders