Faith Oluwajimi  is a young Nigerian Crochet and knitwear designer, who has incorporated his dark, mysterious but beautiful personality into his works. Since Faith started experimenting in knitwear designing he has gathered so much followings for his unique style.

Faith Oluwajimi is the Creative Director and Head Designer of BLOKE his knitwear brand has been inspired by Nigerian Cities, People and attitudes, environment, landscape and architecture. He has carved out a niche for his brand has the only and rising emerging knitwear designer in Nigeria

The brand uses knitwear to explore individuality and Freedom  in Nigeria. The Nigerian Society on the surface seems quite liberal but at it depths is a shark that tightens the freedom of people. We have been taught in our society to never show emotions and always be strong but  the young  generation  in Nigeria are aiming and fighting not be fed to the depths of the shark they want their own life,style and freedom. The big question is would Nigerian Society allow us to be different??


His SS17 Collection called MASKED HOLES which was inspired by concealment focusing on the idea that human beings especially Nigerians tend to cover up their flaws rather than letting it bloom.

The collection consists of lightweight knits which were made from yarns and twines which were sourced in Ogun State, Nigeria. The collection falls in line with the brands aesthetics which very much quirky, artistic with eccentric concepts.

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Photography : Osho Babajide @_babajide
Layout and Art Direction : VERNA.CULAR @verna.cular
Styling : Faith Oluwajimi @faitholuwajimi
Model : Osho Olamilekan @_olamilekan
Clothes : BLOKE  @bloke_ng from their MASKED HOLES SS17 COLLECTION