Posed to explain the story of the Lagos women, we follow the tale of Ngozi and Bisi, two regular women from the East and West respectively as they engage us in their conversations, feelings, thoughts, amongst others.

They feel our mind with the retrospection of each detailed encounter with men, lust and the pleasures of the old city of Lagos. It depicts a language of their journeys in reality and their thorough perception.

Sisi Eko, a journey of unprecedented realities.    

The grander of dreams at the sight of Ngozi’s figure shows the profound attainment of love in her swollen kindness for her disguised beautiful land.


“Under what circumstance?” Ngozi clamors to Bisi. These two sorts are the questions and answers underlined in the statements posed to the reputation of Sisi Eko.


Gentle. Calm. But prides her heart of disgust, pride and unbounded humor. She, be warned of her posture, in and out. But charge your glasses for she is a woman of the dreams of men of high captivity in palm wine, bitter cola and hot stout.


The sweetness of the kernel lies behind its hard shell. Thus, the difficulty of Ngozi’s camouflaged self-respect. Behind the complex peril she is devoted to, she rests with love in body, mind and soul.


The eagerness of the notes rests in the former coupled with the mixed gentleness and toughness to be uncanny and in the end, the mysterious shackles of self-respect and separation in the later.


Ngozi’s subtleness is grasping and misleading. Though she will send the omen of that painful healing, it is impossible to avoid her fall.


“What bothers you?” Ngozi spits in that thick emotional accent. The conversation will intertwine the disgust of his kinds despite the unknown reason for their stormy talks.


The plague of happiness clouded by the canvas of this relic depicts a mixture of a rough-and-ready painting, coupled with a previously distort feeling of empathy and apathy.



Ayomide Wey (@mide_wey) – Photographer

Phemié Flash (@phemieflash_) – Photographer

Obata Nkemdilim (@nkemm__) – Model

Seun Aiyegbusi (@shawneatworld_) – Model

Adenuga Moyosola (@adenugamoyosore) – MUA

Dolapo Ajiboye (@the_dolapo, @facecraftbyasabi) – MUA

Ibidunni Damilola (@ibidunnidamilola) – Creative Director and Writer