There are at least 5 faces you see (if you at least step out of your room) everyday. But have you actually thought, what makes this face perculiar to the other , and then in that moment you realise every single person is Art , because theres so many variants of expressions that cant be replicated exactly in another individual. Why? Because everyday there are different types of faces, various structures with different distinct characters  that we come across and we dont pay much attention to the emotions it portrays

Some Sundays ago, we experienced some mind blowing exhibits from very amazing artists around Africa at the Art X Lagos showcase at Civic Center, and honestly, if you did follow us on Instagram stories you would have experienced the same surreal time we had.

However the people that came also did create that atmosphere that made it enjoyable.

I’ve  been gushing over Kachis work for a while and seeing pictures of Faces that were captured at the Art X Lagos was about one of the most amazing simple yet compelling visuals from the Art X Lagos ( would conveniently include Kadaras portraits too) . You should absolutely check them out and bask in these facial emotions.

Photos by @kachi.e

Source: Instagram.kachi.e