​by Adaeze Mokaeze


Cliché as it sounds, art for me is life.

It is the best way I can express myself.  Books, a good movie, an amazing song, a timeless photograph name it and I’d appreciate it.

Literature in my opinion is God’s gift to mankind, only second to Ice Cream of course.

I started to write when I was about 9 or 10 on the gigantic Desk top my dad had bought that year because I had become a nag to be fair.

I realized early on that I was different from the average 10 year old, I preferred the company of books to the television and my vocabulary was above my pairs, hence the efiko nickname and to be honest I didn’t mind. I just wanted to read and write. Being an only child let me have an unequaled imagination, I basically entertained myself in my formative years and so I had a ton of ideas in my teenage years.

Sadly the pressure of society and my peers almost made me loose the essence of writing. It was not cool enough for a 14 year old to sit and write a book. *sigh* If only I didn’t give in, maybe that book would be finished by now. With a seriously shameful heart, I regret to say I left writing for a very long time. So long that I forgot what it is like to let feelings flow through your pen as they soar in your heart.

Thank goodness for Nonso Okoye. It started with admiring his work from afar because it was alive and vivid, to offering advice on a logo he put up on instagram(I cannot thank the creators of this app well enough) and we set it off  I guess. We got talking and the idea of artXart came up. I did a really quick example for him there and then and I guess he liked it because he bombarded me with photographs after then.

So Nonso, thank you for giving me joy in my art once again and I hope I was able to put your awesomeness into relatable words. Diamond Hope Kingston, I’m sorry I kept this a secret for this long and thank you for showing me a community of people just like me #efikosquad. And finally, Xavier Anthony Chukwukadibia Obi, thank you for all the late night corrections and the mid afternoon meeting disruptions.

Little as this might seem, it took quite a lot of courage and work to put this together so I hope you enjoy it and it brings some extra love of art to everyone’s heart. Quick word of advice, it is never a bad thing to think outside the box, it’s what makes you glow different trust me.

Adaeze Mokaeze runs a show Totally Random on Pulsetv on YouTube. You can follow her on instagram @_daeze and click the link in her bio.