A sad tale being told of how of we treat ourselves. We cry out to be treated fairly 

But aren’t fair to the people around. 

We want sympathy to be applied in dealings with us

But don’t apply sympathy in dealing with others

We want others to understand and be considerate of our feelings when they speak

But we don’t care enough to do the same when it’s reversed

For some strange reason we think it’s all about “us” 

We get so selfish we don’t act how we are supposed. 

I don’t understand how we don’t see our flaws,but what’s even worse is we don’t listen when we are told. 

I sit and ponder on how we humans act…

We don’t even Know LOVE when that’s all it’s all about. 

Now one little act of kindness can make a brethren’s day

Don’t forget to Show Love cause today might be your last. 

Author: zino obi-egbedi

Twitter & Instagram :zinoo__