By Ibifubara Davies
Onaduja Yinka R. also known as Yinka Bernie is an upcoming producer and Artist who has been in the scene for a while now. As an upcoming musician, he has managed to steal the hearts of Nigerians one beat at a time. He dropped his EP ‘Fela Obsession’ last year which introduced him to everyone. The EP featured acts like Dencia and Princess Okoh.

Yinka Bernie is about to release another EP titled ‘19 and over’ and Yinka is sure to prove in it that he is truly the magic we need.

Here is what this sound designer shared with me about his EP and his experiences so far:


What are the songs on your EP about and what specific themes do they cover?

The songs on my EP are basically maximum cruise, they are songs that talk about my life at this point and age 19. The EP has a song that talks about my life, my aspirations and one about my love life. It’s a really interesting tape.


Do you write your own songs?

Yeah I write all my songs myself. Writing isn’t a problem because I do my production myself and I usually have the direction of the song when I am creating. So writing is usually fun because it’s always spontaneous

How do your own experiences in life manifest in your song writing?

My own life experiences obviously manifest in my song because consciously or unconsciously I tend to write according to my mood at that moment. I write about the situation that comes to head at that moment.


Who are your musical influences?

My number one musical influence is Bankyondbeatz. He has been my mentor for a long time. Other people that influence me are; Fela, King Sunny Ade and Masego.

What music chronicles the years that you started music?

2015 officially started my career, my first EP Fela Obsession started everything for me, that project is still dear to me.


How would you describe your music to people?

My music is actually just maximum cruise, the content in my music is very relatable to people that are my age and even older people. This is because I try as much as possible to make sense and tell a story with every project I release.