Simisola Babalola is a 16 year old female visual storyteller x conceptual self taught photographer. She is a Nigerian, born March 19th 2000 in Lagos, Nigeria. She’s known to be creatively deep and passionate about her art which all began summer 2013 when she started taking amateur landscape pictures. Simisola is also known for her strong visual expressions with the use of images which often portrays a particular message. Simisola is indeed a young empowering and inspirational lady.




•Tell us about your childhood ??!
I’d say my childhood was “bitter sweet…”

•When did you dabble into photography?
Photography for me started summer 2013 but I’d say with my chest that I didn’t start taking breathtaking pictures till 2015, that was when I understood things take time, it’s all about the growth and development. “Amazing” doesn’t show up over night, you have to hustle constantly for it to the extent it might even turn to “awesomeness”

•What does your photography represent and stand for ?
It represents / stands for “unsaid” stories, emotions, experiences & more. I’d say it’s more like a voice…


•Are you using Photography as a means for expressing anything?

Would it really be complete without attaching some sort of expression? Yes i use photography to express…

•Being a woman surrounded by the complexity of the female gender in Nigeria how do you manage to thrive in your field ?
As a female in this field I’d say it’s overwhelming sometimes because of the way the female gender have/has been categorized. I feel we haven’t been given enough light so it’s an honor for me to create a pathway for other females like me who are passionate about their art. I strongly believe when you’re passionate about something your gender shouldn’t hinder your progress or slow it down in away, you just got to be strong for yourself and what you stand for. So i just keep it real basically and do what has to done.


•Have any hobbies?
Vibing to music & Creating art.

•What’s your favorite place in Lagos?
I have no favorite place right now but I’d say the oluwo chief market where i shot some Photographs from my latest project titled proficient.

•Does Lagos have any significant in your art ?
Yeahhh, Lagos is a good place to shoot some great sceneries.


•Any life experiences that have affected your art ?

Yeah, life changing ones!!

•Do you consider yourself part of the new age of creators emerging in Africa?
YEAH!! Definitely i do.


•Any advice for young creators out there?
If we don’t fight for what we “stand for” with our passionate words and honest actions, do we really “stand for” anything??
– Tiffany Madison

When it comes to what you really want in life. Don’t take no for an answer, it’s not how long it takes to get to your destination, it’s how well you do/did it.

instgram: @simzsco

twitter : @simzsco