Be New. The new age is here, it’s a blanket for everyone. It’s not an identity, it’s a revolution. It’s a new mindset, it’s a new discovery of inner value for the arts, life and African vision. This video as much as its creator won’t like to be called New Age, is all for it. Why ? Cause he dared to visualize something only he says in his mind. He’s from an age destined for new things. If you’ve followed Jimi’s images you’d understand his perspective to this video. It’s a perspective of isolation, focusing on unique undertones we don’t really appreciate or focus on. The video is paradise and the irregularities fit perfectly, “We’re all depressed.”, Jimi once told me. I understand that now, as the song’s melodies vibrated through my soul, staring at each scene of the video draws me closer to something, something that made me feel free to be free. I felt my sadness wash over me for a brief moment of vastness. I felt my self spread across like his visuals. This was an experience, it was a new experience that drew me out of my already conscious comfort zone. It was art, it was brilliant.


watch the video here

Words by Adedayo Laketu