Young Kulture is a series of live Pop Up concerts with a new age twist aimed at rejuvenating live performances using a full production live band.

Here are 5 things we learned from this Pop up Concert


  1. DJ Joey is skillful on the turntable

Although he wasn’t headlined as part of acts for the event. DJ Joey was the star of the pre-show as he wowed guests at the concert with the right mix of throwback jams and newer ones from both local and international acts. You really should consider booking him for your next gig.

2. Jamal Swiss and D-Truce are good students of music and the culture

With every song Swiss performed on the night, he consistently reminded everyone present that he’s creative enough to make totally enjoyable songs without compromising on his sound as a hip-hop artiste. D-Truce excels in his performance by playing songs that are completely relatable and cover various themes of life. Whether they were singing, rapping or dancing, they both displayed admirable levels of musicianship.

3. Live band music should be embraced by more artistes

A name comes to mind and it’s Fela. During the course of the show I watched the hip-hop performances with live band, I was reminded why Fela is a phenomenon – he played his stuff live and he was great at it. If you’re a young artiste looking to go the extra mile for success and recognition playing at shows with a live band might just do the trick in helping you win over fans and in your quest for stardom.

4.Music fans deserve more live band performances at shows and concerts.
As someone who loves quality music and totally enjoys music shows, I think I(we) deserve to get the occasional live band experience.

5. Nigeria needs more shows like this and more people should come out for them
I’m not talking about the Olamide Live in Concert or your Rhythm Unplugged, I’m talking about shows by talented underground acts who come together to get an audience for their art and are willing to sacrifice huge funds from highly priced gate fees to get a larger crowd. We simply need to have a more progressive culture.



Here are some beautiful images from the event

YoungKulture_RADROnline-5024 YoungKulture_RADROnline-5072 YoungKulture_RADROnline-5099 YoungKulture_RADROnline-5104 YoungKulture_RADROnline-5115 YoungKulture_RADROnline-5118 YoungKulture_RADROnline-5143 YoungKulture_RADROnline-5135 YoungKulture_RADROnline-5152 YoungKulture_RADROnline-5162 YoungKulture_RADROnline-5177

Words by Olayinka Yomi-Joseph

Images : Fifo Adebakin