Compilation albums have gotten less popular in recent years. There was Mo’hits(now Mavin) Curriculum Vitae and Solar Plexus. Both projects didn’t enjoy huge commercial success but definitely had bangers we totally vibed with. Although, 2016 came with some good fortune on this front as The Collectiv3 LP featuring artistes like Poe, Funbi, Temidollface and SDC was released. The project was filled with well crafted songs and it took the sounds of the artistes to a relatively wider audience. A major reason projects of this type have dwindled in popularity stems from the creative process involved in putting together songs by artistes with different styles and sounds into one cohesive body of work. It is a task only few have taken on and Olma records proves they are a bold and truly creative music company.

Of the 8 artistes featured on the EP, I had only heard music from Tim Lyre and (un)fortunately I think I become very critical when vibing to new artistes but few minutes into track 1, I felt some of my guards been let down. The track is titled “Right Here” and it features Chidi; whose voice, songwriting and delivery surprisingly conjured in me the vibes I get off listening to a personal favourite – Frank Ocean. Chidi’s songwriting is genuine and his voice is profound on the IBK produced beat. Tim Lyre produces and voices on “Fake”. His production is groovy with an uptempo feel and the delivery of his lyrics is slick as he bounces effortlessly over the beat. He reminds us he is skilled in making music and its proof of his experience in the industry. In terms of instrumentation, “Baby’s Got The Blues” is simple but totally enjoyable. In its simplicity, Joyce Olong churns out a song that speaks volumes of how she’s been able to identify what works perfectly for her. “Woman Wrapper” by Fizzy K has everything you want in an afrobeat song as it contains the right blend of highlife, jazz instrumentation and well thought out call-and-response vocals. Its a song Fela will definitely be proud of, as her effort at reimagining his style is stellar.  The production effort by 6th AV Magik and Fizzy’s delivery of the song makes it one of the tape’s standout moment.

In a recent chat with Muyiwa; the man at the forefront of the label’s operations, he had this to say amongst other things about the creative process of the project “I had no creative control over the tape, I was more focused on the diversified genres and how they were able to fuse the home based sound to them.”  His approach proves to be a winning formula because the EP is far from disappointing but with growth and sound discovery the featured artistes will definitely be on to greater things. Olma records puts up big numbers on the scoreboard with this EP and they are definitely on their way to winning big.