By: Deola Mako


A’rese talks about taking her talents from the theatre to the stage and now the studio. The pioneer winner of The Voice Nigeria talks to us about how life has changed now she’s been catapulted into the spot light.

We get to discuss her new found fame and her future in the music industry. A’rese has this originality about her which is very refreshing.

Watching her in front of the camera is so peaceful; she’s very relaxed and in the moment. There’s a subtlety about her movements. She came to the shoot for the in a white bohemian styled dress a reflection of her own personal style.

Since winning the Voice Nigeria, how has your life change? What opportunities are you getting now that you wouldn’t have gotten if you weren’t on that platform?

“My life has more or less stayed the same. I know a lot of people think i changed over night but everything has stayed the same. I am getting more offer and opportunities for Music which i wasn’t getting before; my world has opened up in that way ”

On the show you had Waje as a mentor, how was she as a mentor?

“She was a great mentor, she’s someone that took her role as a coach very seriously, she never let us get away with anything, pushing us out of our comfort zone. She was the best!”


How has she been since the show ended?

“Obviously she’s very busy, but i feel confident that if I needed to call her if I had a problem, I’m sure she’d be there for me”

As the first winner of The Voice Nigeria you’ve set a high bar, what advice would you give those thinking of auditioning on a talent show platform?

“ The advice I’d give anyone trying do this sort of thing in the future is to just be you’re Self and stick to that no matter what. At the end of the day its a platform, an opportunity to showcase who YOU are. and if people like it and vote for you that’s great, just remember that the point is to get yourself out there. Stick to your guns, Be Yourself and Take Advantage of the platform”

We took a little break and she continued with her another look for the shoot. The fresh faced musician not only has a unique tone in her voice but also when it comes to fashion


How would you describe your personal style?

“I would describe my personal style as eclectic, because I sort of wear what ever I want. I could wear something free and flowing but I could also wear a tiny dress, it really depends on the occasion. I just love clothes, all of it! I’m a girly-girl. But generally I’m not too heavy on accessories, i almost never wear earrings. I just love the look you get when you get dress up. ”

Back to the Music

Previously you’ve spoken about being inspired by Adele and Asa, what about them inspires you?

“Adele and Asa, the priority of their voices is what gets to me. Without out even seeing them you know who’s singing. With Adele, she sounds exactly the same in live performances as she does on her records, same with Asa. There’s this truth in their music that I really identify with and I hope it’s something that reflects in my music. I  take my inspiration from all around; whenever I hear an album that has a complete sound – that when listening to it you know exactly what the person is trying to convey, things like that get me excited. Like, Yes! That’s Art! That’s Music.”

How helpful was your background in theatre on the show with the live performances?

“It was and it wasn’t. Being on stage as far a musical theatre goes is completely different from performing on stage. Having Experience performing in front of people helped but it some ways it kind of made me less prepared, i went in there thinking, ‘I’ve been on stage before, this should be the same thing.’ and then you get there the first day and you’re like ‘Oh Crap! This is not the same at all!’ 


Stage or Studio?

“On stage! Easy. Stage wins. There are some fun things you get to do in the studio that you can’t replicate live but if I had to choose what i would have to do forever, it’s always performing live – I think I do my best work live.”

As a new artist do place priority on creating a new album or making the most of the spotlight and performing?

“I think it goes hand in hand, you need to stay out there so the anticipation remains high, keep them guessing and wanting more. At the same time I’m constantly in the studio working on a new single and new music. so yeah you need both”

She says, smiling. Seeing the way her face lights up when she speaks about her passion, the music. Given what we’ve seen from A’rese so far, it seems safe to say she’s off to a flying start.

Photos: Adebakin Fifoluwa

Styling : Henri Uduku