Silento’s “Watch Me” overwhelmed the Internet when it propelled tonnes of millennials and developed people alike to “whip and Nae.” But the craftsman behind the move  needs the world to know he anticipates making another wave of hip-hop, and declines to do as such noiselessly.

Andikan,is a young visual Nigerian artist who had the opportunity of photographing Silento in Dubai on one of his tour trips in the UAE . We went on to find out the experience of Photographing Silento and his music in 4 quick questions. Read here

RADR:What was the idea behind shooting Silento?

AE: Well yeah his on tour in the middle-east and my manager in this region has access to him cause she’s in charge of his UAE tour, shout out to Urban Mass. So she told me we gotta capture Silento’s new look and all so a session was organised for me and him to take pictures selected a certain mood board & decided to shoot. The location of you notice has writings on the walls like graffiti but it’s not graffiti it’s just names of people who have been in the bar we shot at.

RADR: What was the experience like shooting Silento?

AE:Was very fun, cause apparently we are age mates so we could bond and we almost think a like I guess. Was happy to bring forth my ideas in.

RADR:What do you think about Silento’s Music?

AE:Before the shoot the only song I knew from him was whip and Nae Nae which at least a quarter of the world knows but the moment I knew I had to shoot him I had to go do some research listened to some of his songs and I think is music is great. & being in the studio with him made me appreciate his talent.

RADR:If you had to pick one favourite Silento song you think people have slept on apart from the Whip and Nae nae song which would it be?

AE: Young love has to be that song.

Here are some images to feed your eyes on