Dilly means remarkable.
It is an ongoing narrative exploring the  ongoing artistic revolution in Africa, enforcing a revamp and broadening the scope of what it means to be an artist in Africa.
A major influence on this revamp is the internet-age in Africa, conjuring a reorientation of mind and subsequently creating global growth, pushing the burgeoning industry and humanity forward.
It’s about the new generation, what their identity is, the uniqueness that comes in living in our era, taking the little things we stand for and bringing it to a platform using clothes.
It reflects a culture defined by self- expression and creative freedom. we want to do a lot more for ourselves, add value, inspire, you can see it through the music, food, art and fashion.
we are the remarkable ones; the minds that dream, the minds not trapped by identity, form or state.
– Dilly 1: Pith.
This the first mini-collection from Dilly.
It’s significant as our first attempt to create, to dream clothes and be birthed into a Fashion House curated from Nigeria, Africa.
The future of clothes from a young generation of Africans reaching to create their world represented in detail with aesthetics.
These are the foundations of the minds and age we want to garb.
Our skin is black so we use this as our first inspiration, our first color range of garment taste. In creating our vision to the world we want to first be expressed as ourselves within our form and environment. To create within our comfort zone, to share our art of clothes from the perspective of what we are as creative conscious Africans with high taste levels of craft. To display our raw form. The pieces where crafted with a break from the norm defying both gender and fashion views of Africans, we showcased a bold elegant woman of conscious taste and an ambitious heart and a confident man with a curious understanding of his world. We combine different pieces ranging our “rough cut trench”, to our “free flow pants” to create this abstractions.
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We’re from the new age, Dilly 1 was created from free form. The minds of our Founder & Creative Director Akhere, he saw Dilly 1.
“Dilly 1 is an expression of an idea; which is being comfortable in the black skin.
Being black is not a matter of pigmentation, being black is a reflection of a mental attitude.
An attitude that portrays strength, compassion, beauty, intelligence, will power and moral courage, the list goes on.
The ‘black skin’ is supposedly seen as being weak, ugly, outcast, unconscious and Primitive.
Now it’s about seeing past that flaw, acceptance of what is to define what will be.
Being black is a state of mind, one that  happens to anyone; black or white.
This mini-collection aims to bridge that Gap.
We are black, human and beautiful.
Portraying us being one with our insecurities, and one with self.” – Akhere.
Art Director Adedayo who helps co-create the Pith vision and fashion value was inspired by Dilly 1  saying,
“Dilly 1 is our freedom to change the world expressing our dreams on materials as canvases. Fashion is profound, it’s a cause and effect of our present world. You can see what we are on what garb ourselves in, Dilly one is the first word from an idea growing through Pith. Dilly is for remarkable values, pith is for humanity’s every beauty. Dilly 1 expresses Africa’s leap, our first real dare to take on the world. We’re clothing those insecurities of poured all over Africa to envision a new age.

We’re showing this with clothes, with our first mini-collection ” – Adedayo.

Idea of the Art – Work.
The vantage view of this is placing our now in the future we want to create.
The visuals and film depict our present state and reality which is Africa’s terrible form but the new age still create within it’s broken society.
With the art, were allowed to be abstract and roam the world.
We can put out visions where we see in our souls, which is the placement of the clothes created with the ethos of a broken society giving birth to a new age growing within a future of its own.
We also went with a comic child-like feel as the clothes, and soul of Dilly one is to cloth the new generations of minds the new age shall create, to carve a future for the kids of Africa.
So it’s a relatable feel of cartoons to all our inner-kids dreaming while garbed in Dilly, a collection that stands for the remarkable kids.
The images of Dilly 1’s LookBook was visually directed by Thompson. S. Ekong and the short film shot by Ckuwkwua Nwobi. The art was mad by Kofi.
Dilly 1 Content –
Creative / Art Direction – Akhere/Adedayo.
Visual Director  – Thompson. S. Ekong.
Short Film-Maker – Ckuwkwua Nwobi.
Models – Idowu/Bolu.
Visual Artist – Kofi.