For this collection, Adebayo Oke Lawal, the Creative Director chose to infer on garments, the religion of romance.

Romanticism is at the base of the fabrications and shapes. A story of blossoming teenage boys- the full spectrum of what it means to be young, which encompasses the carelessness of love, the angst of failure, and also the delicateness of hurt. The collection begins with that startling moment a teenage boy realises that hurt is part of the journey too. “As a Nigerian boy, you are not necessarily allowed to own hurt, even if it is staring you right in the face. It is a deeply rooted patriarchal system that invalidates pain as an essence to maleness. Mostly you are required to be a man before you are old enough to realise that being a man is overrated.” Oke Lawal tells.


But there is also a progression into recovery, into a subtle acknowledge of self bravery, and self love, and these teenage boys being able to find themselves despite some of the worst pains of abuse. The collection, as it is titled “pretty” shows there is no anger to it; no form of rebellion or self pity; no persisting shadow of victimisation. In some sense it is a collection of rebirths- the moment after, the sense of journeying along, despite it all, and the idea of being broken to become beautiful.

Quilted Parkas, soft crepes and lamb leathers were layered to express the intensity of the romanticism/vulnerability behind the collection.

The delicate prints, emotional colors and extra frilled detailing were added on to push the story even further.

Shot with a Polaroid camera to capture an emotional moment in time.



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Photography – Joseph Reddy-@josephliamreddy

Styling – Ola Ebiti –@olaoluebiti

Casting – Lateef Saka –@lateefsaka & Wiki @wikicardinali

Models – @patricknodanche of Elite and Jordan @jayquirk_ @unleashedmodels

Words transcribed by @kecyfa

Collaborations :
Jewelry with @adeledejak

New Project
Three cotton pieces ( cotton made in Nigeria ) with @thisisusng