“The African race is a rubber ball. The harder you dash it to the ground, the higher it will rise.” –African Proverb
This month, Radr is all about blackness and we are highlighting the different shades and lines that make us all who we are; unique and strong.

IMG_3095Photo by Flongala

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Coming a week after Black History Month, ‘Black’ is a collection that captures the essence of black existence in its rawness and character, minus the boxes and constraints that are very often present in discussions about race. Carefully curated using photographs from various sources*,

IMG_3097Photo by Lubee Abubakar

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Black is an exercise in simplicity, yet it is complex in the contrast it exhibits. From differences in skin tones, in bodies, and even persona it reminds us that black is not a particular stereotype or a definite shade. Black is not a trend or simply an aesthetic.

IMG_3101Photo by Ruby Okoro

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Black is a birth right, and although it is one shared in common by 20 something percent of the people on earth, individual expression of that heritage is still to be valued and protected.


Photo by Jimi Agboola

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Photo by Nwobi Chukwuka

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Photo by Femi

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Strength, both physical and mental is one of the underlying threads subtly linking the photographs in the set. The collection is a celebration of great emotional, mental and physical courage in the face of past and continuous struggles.


Photo by Thompson

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Image by John Yuyi

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Photo by Travis Matthews

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Photo by Kadara Enyeasi

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Black was curated for RADR by and published as the first in a series of specially selected, themed photographs.


Words by Adaugo Okoli