The third edition of the Young Kulture pop-up concert series held last Saturday and in spite of the rain, people came out to catch the good vibes and listen to great music packed with a lot of energy. The headliners were D-Truce & Jamal Swiss and it featured performances from Odunsi, Peter Clarke and Sasky Mali.   Here are 5 things we took away from the concert


1.   Odunsi is an intelligent artiste

We know this is no longer news but Odunsi reminded us on the night why he has made it into the heart’s of a lot of people as he performed his songs “Vibrate” and “Desire”. The former set the mood right for the madness the latter was, as he had the crowd singing the chorus with him but he added a twist to it by using a verse from one of his other songs “This Love” for his performance and trust me when I say it was a truly innovative move.


2.  Peter Clarke’s “Amaka” is still a jam

To be honest, I didn’t jam this song as much as I should have when it was released circa 2o13 but his performance of it on the night with some newer materials made me fall in love with the song; so much that as I’m writing this at 3am, I have it on repeat blaring from my speakers and honestly if my neighbors are angry they can move out; they will be alright.


3.  Young Kulture is becoming a movement.

First off, I don’t like to associate the word ‘movement’ with just anything. A movement is a large scale shift in the culture that is embraced by the people and its a process that should happen naturally.  Now from that definition, three key things need to happen before you consider something a movement and judging by the good turn out at the shows so far, Young Kulture is striving to tick all 3 boxes. Oh by the way I have small proof to back up my claim here


4. Swiss is saying no to domestic abuse

During his performance on the night, Swiss showed he’s fully aware of social issues around him and he is bold enough to speak up against them as he held up a placard that read “Stop Domestic Abuse & Violence”.


5. The Young Kulture band is mind-blowing

With every beat drop and every chord struck from the first show to this last edition, the band has consistently put on incredible displays leaving the crowd in awe. They are the real MVP’s.


Here are some images from the show


DSC_0737 DSC_0869 DSC_0813 DSC_0759 DSC_0735 DSC_0674 DSC_0693 DSC_0706 DSC_0755


Words by Olayinka Yomi-Joseph(@YJTheRuler)

Images : Seun Osipitan (@manvibess)