Are we ready for the new age?

There’s a reason why people are calling our generation the new hippies.

What’s that weird sounding music the ‘yute’ are into these days? If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new vibe hijacking the culture, specifically music, fashion and other lifestyle arts. The wave, popularly called the New Age is discarding mainstream values of artificialness in favour of the appeal to greater states of consciousness and inspiration. Interestingly, the New Age started in the 70s as a religious push but is regaining stylishness now for its artistic influence.

At the forefront of the New Age as we know it are independent artistes, producers, photographers and film makers who are ‘reproducing elements from the natural world to promote serenity’. In music, we hear more sounds using mostly instrumentals to create moods of mysticism and ‘soul’ similar to the neo-soul of late 90s, fused with new genres; inventing alternative ones altogether.

The New age today has rightly been described as an alternative to culture as it is a rebellion against external, popular standards of appeal. Visual art and photography pay homage to concepts of mental and spiritual consciousness. Basically, New Age stuff is from the soul to the soul.

Like all other waves, the style is slowly gaining popularity with commercialists – artists who will sacrifice their art to chase after the crowd. But past being a new cool trend to hop on, the New Age represents a movement – one that thrives on uniqueness of personal creation and a movement that is not exactly new. Each generation has had its own cultural rebellions, bent on revealing truths which they eventually abandoned or forgot why they started.

Hopefully, if more New Age artists continue to collaborate, the movement can do better to impact culture than the ones before.


Words by Adaugo Okoli