Afro-Fusion Artist, Tim Lyre announces a new project to be released in August 2017. This is to be the singer’s first LP, following the release of the “Circa ’94” EP last year. This year’s project from Tim Lyre is titled “For What It’s Worth”. The project explores a central theme of relationships and the range of emotions that come with the territory. Much like his first project, this has an eclectic, genre-transcending feel to it, although influences are taken from R&B, Soul, Pop, Hip-Hop, and other genres, it is delivered in truly West-African fashion.

Here are three things Tim Lyre says we should expect from his upcoming body of work:

 The three things, I would say,

1) It has a very eclectic genre-transcending feel to it. There’s some R&B, Afro Jazz, Afrobeat, even Yoruba Highlife music.

2) The project is about the natural progression of most modern relationships so there’s a song for every situation people go through, from the first meeting to the honeymoon phase to the break ups and denials and all other things that come with the territory.

3)You can also expect at least 3 features from some talented artists.

The first single titled “My Place” was released on the 25th of March and is currently streaming on Soundcloud. Click on the link to listen.