Adedayo Laketu

I was able to catch up with BrisB, a member of the LOS group we all loved growing up as a 90s baby in Nigeria. I’ve been trying to get a collective interview with everyone in the group as they are all back with the New Age music in Africa gearing up to stake their claim as music pioneers of their generation. This was meant to be a full in-depth interview but I managed to get a few words out of the busy mind who from his replies seemed like he had a lot of work going on. Enjoy this short think-discussion I had.

AL : Tell me about your sound, tell me about the vision, tell me about Brisb, what’s the story while you created LOS and after ? What’s the soul of why you create ?

Brisb : My sound, my sound comes from solely experiences.. every single metaphor and every single note I hit is because of a significant experience or epiphany ..sounds hard to swallow but it’s soul food. I’m dropping a song called Fatima soon, it’s about everything I went through and I feel everyone simultaneously went through something in 2016. I’m just being true to my emotions and I feel it’s no better way than starting a thought provoking song like Fatima. Like if I sing some tekno type of song or a mr eazi joint everyone will see thru my bullshit because as an artist your mind frame is your navigator.. and I was in my world and it was beyond the mainstream sound. And thankfully after Fatima, I will express myself in ways that our people measure as “Club bangers” in a different place mentally and this will reflect on my music We are entering an era I know everybody can feel. We the young visionaries in our significant rights have more power than we think. A fly ass caption And a DM can stop Global warming lol, saying the least. LOS is a movement/Brotherhood. We were created by coincidence. And there’s no such thing as that to cut the long story short

The soul of why I create is my conscience. I’m 100 percent my conscience is God so I listen.. inspiration comes from the things you don’t see



AL : You have a vision for the industry ? Wanna share it ?

Brisb : The vision I see I know everyone sees too.. there’s a lingering energy in the air .everyone is coming to the realization that we young heads are equipped with everything we need to revamp the industry. Channeling that knowledge to our everyday routine is just the inevitable start of the “generation now” which I see we are all doing unconsciously. My vision on the broader scale is not something that can be expressed over night or a few words..but Thankfully my music and art is a medium I feel will can guide people to my truth.


AL : There’s a lot of broken factors in our society, you seem like a mind triggered by this, to create a change. What’s the view you feel music plays in creating a stable environment for the new age kids to create and share their dreams ?

Brisb : We can only protest lol we can’t even protest no more ..artists are different breed of therapists. Our words shouldn’t be shackled to one sound or emotion. Because everyone feels , and I know for a fact everyone is not a robot. But the industry not even the society is limiting the sound that is seen as appealing. But on God I’ve seen goons that have no idea of what Migos are saying in “Bad and bougee” but the be singing word for word like they grew up in ATL. Talking niggas that haven’t left the demographic of the streets here in Lagos.

AL : There’s a barrier keeping us privileged kids who have the opportunity to chase our dreams as the kids in the streets, the new age is still growing but how profound is the role we play in reshaping our generation with the art and our dreams ?

Brisb : Being privileged is more of a mental thing to me. I think if you have a brain you are privileged enough ..


This RADRPlus feature is the first of many collaborations with Adedayo Lukaketu

Words: Adedayo Laketu

Images:Oluwapelumi ‘andikan’ Edwin