Bfyne is an innovative fashion brand that creates unique, bold, eccentric and fashion-forward designs in swimwear for the beautiful, confident, trend-setting woman who wants to stand out.

Buki Ade’s BFyne Swimwear company idea was birthed on a vacation because she was unable to find swimwear that caught her attention and had that out of the box trendy vibe. Deciding to take a revolutionary step in changing the face of the swimwear art and design industry today she started the innovative swimwear brand Bfyne .Channeling her creative side and using the African culture as a driving force, the Nigerian entrepreneur and designer started creating unique, fashion-forward, daring pieces using African prints like Kente and Ankara. These African prints combined with intricate patterns, flattering colours, delicate designs and quality came together to create outstanding BFyne swimwear pieces.

Since inception in 2014, BFyne has grown into a well sought after brand, getting recognized by elite magazines such as Vogue, Glamour and featured on the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.

Bukie believes her brand is centred towards creating body conscientious clothing for any woman who is fashion forward, self-confident and willing to steal the spotlight! She believes  and lives by her motto that every woman must unleash your Inner Fynebabe and has over the years created collections like the Kente 2016 and Noir 2016 that have given women the confidence to be beautiful and feel beautiful in Bfyne swimwear

Just like the rest of the collections, the swimwear pieces in this collection are top quality and are major goals. The pieces in the Sahara collection are inspired by nature, bringing to life the bold and earthy tones expressed naturally by the earth. This collection is very beautiful and adds to the many other options that you have when the time comes to own a piece of BFyne bespoke swimwear.

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