Iju Asonibe is a budding young photographer with outfit name New Jerusalem Creations who loves to tell stories behind her experiences so we caught up with her for a quick chat on her experience at the Nigerian British Council organised event .The event was set up to encourage everyone to understand the value of a well-designed built environment by exploring Lagos, celebrating its architectural growth and the way people interact with their environment. The concept explores Lagos’ architectural history and encourages people to think about their environment by seeing the old, the new and what the City can be. Interestingly for ย the first time ever she explains she had to use her phone to photograph this experience. She talks about how exploring sometimes isn’t about going to some remote island but by doing and discovering moments from your daily living . She hopes these thoughts inspire someone to go out today and explore. Read her narrative on her experience with images that are worthwhile :

My experience during the two days that Open House Lagos held was quite an interesting one.

On the first day (29th of April) I alongside Funmi Ajala, a pretty amazing documentary photographer led what was called the “Insta tour” where enthusiasts and lovers of photography and architecture walked around Lagos Island seeing and experiencing some interesting buildings around that area.

Later that day there were about 7 different tours going to different locations in Lagos which helped us understand better and experience the underestimated Architecture we have in this state.

I went on a tour called “The history of resilience” which took us round the railway compound at Ebutte Metta, there we saw Jaekel house, Ilukwe house, the old trains and many more. It was really amazing seeing all those old buildings and artifacts standing till date.




ย On the second day (30th of April) the Insta tour was also led by Myself, Funmi Ajala and a Nigerian lifestyle and documentary photographer, Kene Nwatu.

I decided to go for the “Risilience of the Arts” tour which I had initially planned to go on the previous day but in the heat of the moment, indecision got the better of me. This tour took us to Alara, a luxury lifestyle store, restaurant and boutique, Bogobiri house, an African themed lodge and restaurant, Freedom park, which surprisingly used to be prison and Re Le Gallery, which is one of the leading art houses and galleries here in Lagos.






Despite the fact that the sun was really hot and sandflies showed me that the railway compound is their territory, I had an amazing time and an amazing experience, I was able to go to places I had always wanted to go to but never set my mind to it. I met some pretty amazing people, some Architects, photography lovers and enthusiasts but the most fun I had was that I shot all images with my smartphone, as a professional photographer it’s not something I usually do, but I felt liberated and Inspired.

Looking forward to Open House 2018.