Nigerian born female emcee, Charlie, sets the ground running with the release of her single “Runaway”. In a short chat about her musical style and influences, she describes her brand of music as ‘experimental retro’ and it draws influences from psychedelic rock and funk. She’s also influenced by Bob Marley, the entire TDE crew, Santi, Jaden & Willow Smith. 

“There’s a lot of things we don’t really know”

This is the stimulating call Charlie kicks off her new song with; her voice comes up as a breath of fresh air and its evident every line of the song was well thought out from the innermost parts of her mind. She sounds outlandish on a wholesome DoOzyBeatz production, with a flow that screams spontaneity as much as refreshing calmness. With an evident air of confidence she patiently delivers her lyrics like she’s ensuring the listener doesn’t miss a single word she utters. One line in particular on the second verse struck me “to each his own but I’m heading for the throne”, not because of wit but it recapitulates her focus and intentions to make it in an industry predominantly comprising of men.

Listen to this here