Happy new month greetings to everyone. The month of May saw music creatives on overdrive; with numerous releases by artistes and producers across all genres. In celebration of great art, we put together some of the more impressive songs we vibed heavily to in the month of May on a special playlist titled The Maylist. If you are hoping to see that Davido joint or that Kendrick Lamar record  you love so much; this playlist isn’t for that purpose as we placed our focus on artistes we feel deserve to reach a wider audience due to the immense and admirable work they put into creating these songs.

  1. Juls ft Maleek Bery & Nonso Amadi, Early– Juls makes pure, priceless magic with the ethereal, and angelic voices of Nonso Amadi & Maleek Berry. Early, produced by the amazing Juls Baby is one song that you cannot put a label on. The instrumental comes together with a marvelous synchronization of various percussion instruments and vocal chants that resonate all over your body. The way Nonso Amadi & Maleek Berry took care of this song, it just makes you want to find somebody to love forever. We want Juls to know that this song did not really have to end. It was made for the whole world.



  1. Lady Donli ft. Tomi Thomas, Ice Cream– The amazing Lady Donli joins forces with bad ass Tomi Thomas on Ice Cream. The tune is infused with a funky vibe for most parts of the song until it switches up to Afrobeat towards the end of the song and it bursts all cells in our brains. The song talks about bad habits and addictions that are too good to let go of. Lady Donli and Tomi Thomas in their elements describe love too sweet yet not good for either of them. Lady Donli wraps the song up with that beautiful Hausa language. We do not know what it means but we like it. It will definitely put a spring in our steps this summer and because it is sweet like ice cream baby, it deserves a spot on the MayList.




  1. GMK ft Tomi Thomas & Santi, pears & mangoes- serious island energy on this one thanks to the tropical feel of its production; albeit an unusual song title it’s definitely a song to add to your beach day playlist. GMK deserves credit for bringing Tomi Thomas & Santi together to bless us with this tune. We have no doubts this song is going to be a on a lot of people’s summer playlists.




  1. Bella Alubo ft Ycee, Radio– J Town’s Bella Alubo features the one and only Mr. ‘ain’t nobody badder than’ Ycee in this RnB song. Radio, produced by Syn X, takes on a very cool vibe with Bella crooning her lyrics, letting us know that she’s winning and heading to the top and Ycee works his magic on this track as well.



  1. Brizzle, Zulu Love– A song inspired by a Mzansi lady, Brizzle takes his time to appreciate and profess his love for a beautiful South African girl on Zulu Love. The catchy, mid-tempo track with Brizzle’s vocals will have you vibing along in a matter of seconds. “Zulu Love” was produced by HVRRY and mixed and mastered by StG. The lyrics work perfectly with the smooth Afrobeat/Trap instrumental. Although the rest of the African girls are probably a little jealous, they are doing the fire dance to this track for sure.



  1. Minz, Story– The uber-talented “Fire boy” Minz works to prove his love in Story. This vibely song shows Minz as a determined love-struck brother who is ready to do anything to get and keep his girl. As much as the vocals to this track is captivating, another amazing thing about this song is that Minz wrote and produced it by himself. It is safe to say that his musical prowess has given ‘Fire boy” a spot on this list.



  1. Chyn ft Funbi, Find YouThe dense bass line of the song is captivating as producer, Ikon puts in stellar work on a well-crafted beat which is duly matched by Chyn’s raps and yet another wonderful hook delivered by singer, Funbi.



  1. Hue & the Sound, Good Girl Go– Hue takes us on a journey of love and relationship in this song. The wavy trap beat combined with Hue’s individual style tells a story of how he finds love with a good girl, how it makes him a better person and how a certain “Valerie” causes the good relationship to hit the rocks. Hue, we don’t know the answer to the question, “Who lets a good girl go?” but we know that we are not letting this song go without being on this list.



  1. Ayüü, MurdererMurderer, a track off Ayüü’s EP, H.E.R, is one of the many reasons why he is one artist that needs to be on your Radr. The beautiful song, produced by the one and only Odunsi the Engine is truly a tune.



  1. PatricKxxLee x Saint Klaus, Broken Boys Break Toys– First off, if you don’t know about PatricKxxxLee then you’ve missed out on a lot. No worries, Radr’s got you. He is a South African artist who performed at 2016’s Nativeland who is definitely an act to watch out for. Broken Boys Break Toys is a jam to make you punch ceilings, such great energy on this track. It’s a song the artiste describes as a toxic love story. Produced by PatricKxxLee himself, production is dark, heavily infused with sweet 808’s and great rap verses complemented by an electrifying hook; it’s sure to be a haven for lovers of trap music.



  1. Tolaní, No Yawa– New-school meets Fela Kuti in this Cracker production, No Yawa. With that deep, rustic, goosebumps-giving voice, Tolaní serenades his baby in this fire afrobeat track. It difficult not to vibe with this tune at and we give it plenty plenty love. No Yawa oh!



  1. DJ Yin, I Wanna Love You– DJ Yin provides another creative angle to the original Bob Marley song in this cover, released on May 11, the anniversary of the icon’s death. The cover is delivered as a Soul/R&B version to the song which was originally reggae. Admittedly, nobody can do it like Bob Marley but DJ Yin brings forth a new form of appreciation for the song, earning it a place on the MayList.



  1. Nonso Amadi and Odunsi (The Engine), War EP– Who would have thought that the best thing to have happened in April would be Odunsi and Nonso Amadi dropping a joint EP? Mindblowing. It’s just 4 tracks but it’s some of the best 4 songs we vibed to this month. It starts off with “Ocean”, and yes it’s definitely an island vibe tune! The next song “Don’t” is a very upbeat song that the ladies would enjoy; something Nonso and Odunsi do excellently with their music. One thing to just put out there about “Stay” is THE BEAT IS AMAZING! Every song on War flows right into each other like it’s telling a story. War pretty much sums up the official mood for summer 2017, and that’s a fact.



  1. Olú, The Cry– With this song, Olú intends to wake minds that have been sleeping. The degree of consciousness and depth of the message in this song cannot be measured. Olú’s strong, certain yet soothing voice over the soulful, slightly reggae instrumental delivers the lyrics concisely and births a form of awareness in the minds of the listener. With the variety of styles being introduced in new age music, Olú’s tranquil style feels like it can bring calm to a storm.



  1. WurlD, Mother’s Prayer– WurlD’s sonorous voice accentuating the tribal/electric feeling of the instrumental creates an unforgettable experience in Mother’s Prayer. The song produced by Shizzi, revolves around life’s disappointments, hope, a mother’s love and support and the need for a mother’s guidance and prayers in life. Altogether, this song makes you remember home and appreciate a mother’s love.



  1. Davina Oriakhi, F. S.L.S.– Released on the 1st of May, the profound singer-songwriter and poet Davina Oriakhi blessed us with a simple yet deep, beautiful song called F.S.L.S (Find Self Love Self). The soulful, thought-provoking song produced by Gabriel Ryder encapsulates self-discovery and self-love, the two things that make you who you truly are in the world. Davina has won our hearts with her beautiful rendition in this original piece and she deserves a spot on this list for that.



  1. Charlie, Runaway– Charlie’s Runaway is one of those songs where you discover something new every time you listen to it. Charlie’s bars on this hip-hop rap song produced by DoozyBeatz, describes the need to make an escape from what the world is today. The fact that this song is nothing like rap you have ever heard before, and her voice maintains its originality makes it a feature on the MayList.



  1. The Grey Area, Sunday Morning– The Grey Area’s debut song Sunday Morning was a very late addition to the Maylist due to its release on the 28th of May. The song is indie pop’s heaven, surprisingly crafted by two Nigerians (because indie isn’t a popular genre among Nigerians); as it sees singer 3rty, effortlessly lull about the struggle of an average youth in a relatable manner and Kid Marley holds his own on his verse to round up a great song.



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