Despite most Rap and R&B video’s following a specific formula, Banditsu goes against the grain by infusing punk culture in hip hop and R&B. With a strong message and unique execution, Selfish is a visual that is impactful and cinematic.
Inspired from the 1986 punk film Sid and Nancy, London-based artist Banditsu and R&B singer Taliwhoah create a visual telling story  in “Selfish” video, which explores the topic of social constructs and creates a world where racial stereotypes wear away with sub culture mixes .
Bandistu uses conversations on pain and vulnerability as the major tool for communication in this piece and the role it plays in art and music to shed more light on human nature and toxic relationships .
Selfish is a body of work that pushes boundaries and Bandistu is striving in tackling social issues as well as creating a distinct sound for himself.
Listen to “Selfish” here

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