Who is Remy Baggins?
Remy Baggins is a 21 year old Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Composer, born and raised in Lagos, originally from Warri, Delta state.

What was growing up like for you?
Erm my dad played a lot of Anita Baker, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Yanni and many more so I joined the music club in my school and I was taught how to play piano around age 4/5 cause I wanted to be able to imitate what I heard.

So piano was the first love?
Yes, still is.

Why did you wanna imitate what you heard though?
Because I thought what I was hearing was so incredible, especially some guitar solos on Michael Jackson’s songs and Yanni’s piano interludes.


How many years did you do that?
Did that for about 5 years, then I started teaching myself other instruments.

You have been playing instruments since you were 4; you started producing in 2010, but you became an artiste in 2013, what prompted you to take the artiste path?
Since I was little I knew I could sing, I used to write songs and all but I never sang them to anyone. When I heard Eminem’s “Not Afraid” in 2010, I was soo inspired, it was like a message from heaven lol. It was in that moment, watching the video on TV, I realized music was my calling. So, I started performing my songs in high school… then in 2013 I recorded my first ever song.

So moving forward, I’d like to know what your tape ‘Eigengrau’ is all about in your own words.
Eigengrau (which means the dark grey colour seen by the eyes in absolute darkness) was mainly about my depression. I took situations that made me depressed and made them into songs… It was also about experimentation, production wise. I fused sounds that haven’t been put together before on some beats. Like the vocal chop + 808 drop on ‘why?’, trumpets on ‘Staywoke’ to mention a few.

Oh great, experimentation!! Everyone seems to be really big on fusion right now. How important is the fusion of a variety of sounds in the current state of music?
It’s really important, as the fusion of different sounds give birth to new and very exciting genres of music. Fusion isn’t a thing that everybody just became interested in, it’s been going on for ages! western elements like drums, brass sections, guitars and even electric pianos have become signature sounds of afrobeats and highlife music over the years, and even in the movies we watch, we hear heavy rock/electronic arrangements accompanied by orchestras. If these aren’t examples of fusion, I don’t know what is.

What do you think has changed in your music between your 2016 tape ‘VIV’ and Eigengrau?
Remy’s overall sound; his singing and production have become more mature. VIV showed him trying out different styles to discover his strengths and weaknesses, while eigengrau shows him showcasing his strengths in full force. This is from a sound perspective.

From a personal perspective what was VIV about?
Lol VIV was basically about a short young pervert airing his dirty thoughts to the world, and trying to make it 😂

Haha! So you can say you’ve matured music wise?
Yes, proudly🤣

Do you have any favourite types of music to create?
I lovvvve creating Highlife and Orchestral music, then I love me some EDM or Funk once in a while.

If you were to pick a team of 5 artistes to work with locally and internationally, who would be on your list?
Internationally- Eminem, The Weekend, Bruno Mars, Sia, and Justin Timberlake.
Locally- Asa, Brymo, Tay Iwar, Jesse Jagz ,and Burna Boy.

What’s your take on producers I’m Nigeria?
Nigerian producers are the best in the world! We can go toe to toe with the biggest names in the world in their own genres and of course, they can’t compete with us when it comes to our sounds.

Why dont you work with a lot of females?
I have worked with many female artistes… but they haven’t put out the projects as much as their male counterparts 🙂
Different reasons really. Most times I don’t like telling them ‘how far with that our jam, drop it let’s blow’ for so long so I just let things be.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I see myself as a globally recognized musical icon! On a first name basis with the greats around the world.