Its safe to say Olawale Olukolade also Known as “Straffitti” or “Straff” for short, is a jack of many trades . Being a multi-talented  Rapper, Graphic designer, Photographer, Image consultant, Video Producer & Fashion Designer puts him a few steps ahead of the pack . However his new music career seems to be taking further steps and hitting a global scene.Featuring collaborations with both new school and prominent artistes like M.I Abaga, FI, and Music Producers Remy Baggins, Spazz & Wav.os, his new Visual artist Majeek Daniel photographs and interviews Straff on bits and pieces of his music journey and whats next for the Strafitti brand .

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Tell us about your music and how long you’ve been doing it?

My music genre is “INCREDIBLE”, its rare but yeah, it’s what it is. Haha! I make evolved Hiphop, Rap, Mood music & shit. I have a couple of stuff i’ll be releasing soon. Including some blue flames with JethroFaded & Remybaggins.

Been doing music for years, but just started putting out properly online music a year ago.

Quite a number of people compare your fashion style to Tyler the creator. Does it influence your style ?

I love Tyler, He’s one of the people who taught me how to best express myself on art, Kanye & Theophilus london also play a key role in my self building and shit. I dress to express myself, not to be compared with my idols.
What’s your reaction to the reviews on your performance at 90s baby sound off?

90’s baby was too sick! Mans people were going mad. I think it was really hard for me to pull off a good performance after two Rnb singers performed before me. But yeah we hit it strong and the crowd was mad! Thanks to my home boys, we always shut down!

You released TROUNCE few days back. What’ else should we be expecting to come?

Trounce’s videos, some more music & Alot of other projects, Thirsty Worldwide is coming strong!
Apart from music, is there any other thing you’re currently working on?

Yoo, i do a bunch of other stuff, down to Music, photography, my sickest graphics, videos and shit. Also make cool clothes soon be released. Most of my works arent credited i mean the visuals, but i have them swimming on internet. Might have Made visuals for your Favourite Celebrity, who knows?