The 90sbaby Sound off is fast becoming the platform that turns up the heat for the next generation of music artistes. It is a monthly event with the greatest line up of Africas best , and it keeps getting better every single time . It is safe to say that there is a huge wave about to hit the world with these youngsters making giant statements on the quality of music and stage performance prowess . I am in my feelings right now so words elude me however photographer Eseosa known as MrWentz created the perfect imagery and words to describe the experience

“So i thought about this post on my way back from Sound Off at about 2:30AM, please forgive me if i repeat the word “heat” too many times that you become absolutely irritated by me and my photography lol i’m joking, but seriously, everybody was talking about the heat yesterday. Underground was packed, people kept coming in and nobody was leaving. At first it was frustrating, because i couldn’t find any angles to get good pictures. I just wanted to have a good time after a long week(taking pictures is my way of having fun). Honestly, last night was a shutdown, i’ve never been prouder of the culture than i was yesterday, everyone was vibing, singing and rapping along, screaming(lads included lol) D-O did his thing, BarelyAnyHook murdered as per usual, LOS brought even more heat. I was personally excited to see Santi perform, p.s: he is low-key mad at me but thats my brother so it cant last for too long lol. But all in all i was happy to make images yesterday again and grateful to 90′s baby for putting such an event together, it felt like one big underground cult you know *We are all in this together* that type of thing…Long story short i hope you feel these images as much as i do, so here goes…i’m sorry did i mention i met one of my idols last night? At the show? in the heat? Damn.”

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