‘Of Ivory and Ink’ is an anthology of poems written by Lanaire Aderemi. The poems are based on journal entries she wrote between 2012 and 2015.Every poem in her book explores a theme; from childhood memories to loneliness.

We got to converse with her in the really tight schedule she’s running preparing for her launch on Saturday and the Lemon Curd . Read our quick conversation with her


Why “Of Ivory and Ink”?

I named it ‘of ivory and ink’ because i wrote most of my poems near pianos.I was calm near pianos and enjoyed pouring out how I felt to my journals near pianos .As you know, the white piano keys are made of ivory, hence why I named it ‘of ivory’ and why my book has a creamy-white colour. I always wrote my poems in my journals with ink – mostly black ink.So my writing is also made ‘of ink’ I’ve always believed it’s important to identify the source of any emotion or observation and acknowledging where my writing came from was me being true to my self. ‘My writing is also made ‘of ink’ after that ink can there please be a full stop…just before ‘ive always believed’

Do you think music influences your poems?

Yes, the music I listen to has influenced my poetry.I love Asa for instance and her songs tend to tell a story- listening to her has made me more in touch with how I feel and also how I can express how I feel. Benjamin Clementine,Chance the Rapper, Noname and Sade are all amazing lyricists that have helped my flow and rhythm.

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What do you expect people to feel when they read your book?

I want people to feel like someone understands how they feel, how they think.I want people to know that their feelings and emotions matter and no observation (which other people might ordinarily take for granted) is insignificant.

What topics did you touch most in your poems?

My main themes were loss, childhood memories, my struggle with my faith, learning to love Nigeria and dealing with pain and joy

Where do you see yourself in the nearest future? What’s next for you?

I see myself speaking at more events to share my story and the stories of others brave enough to tell theirs.I see myself collaborating with visual artists, videographers, music producers and fashion designers.I want my work to be featured in editorials and I want to be involved in art exhibitions.I want my work to inspire more people to write and think about how they can solve social issues. I also plan on creating workshops in the future because I need to pass on what I’ve learnt to others – it’s so important to share knowledge

Her book will be released to the public for the first time at Lucid Lemon’s Lemon Curd Event. It will be sold for N3000 and can be purchased at her stall. The young author will also be performing a new spoken word poem.

Delivery within Lagos will be available from the 8th of August. To reserve a copy, dm her on twitter @lanairea and/or instagram @verse_writer

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