Onaduja Yinka R. also known as Yinka Bernie is an upcoming producer and Artist who is an emerging act in the music industry.  As an upcoming musician, he has managed to steal the hearts of Nigerians one beat at a time. His love for Fela and the influence is highly appreciated in his work with the EP ‘Fela Obsession’ which introduced his music to the world.

To celebrate 20 years of the legacy of Fela , artist Yinka Bernie compiled a playlist of instrumentals with samples of Felas work which have moulded and inspired the artiste he is today .

On twitter YinkaBernie says


Fela’s music birthed the vision. I made a playlist of instrumentals I’ve made over the years sampling his vocals.

Listen to his playlist



Feature Image : twitter.com/YinkaBernie // Canvas Art by Edward Ofosu