Dreamchaser Management is proud to announce the release of the debut single Afro Love by Afro-Pop/Jazz singer and songwriter Adebowale Adelegan, stage name ‘Bowale’. Afro Love is an enchanting high-life song layered with mellow harmonies on a crisp and slow tempo afrobeat rhythm brought to life by his soothing vocals as he strings together a series of witty lyrics to create a relatable love story. As he approaches the chorus he gases his woman up infusing a blend of Pidgin English and Yoruba Language to bring about catchy lyrics with trumpets blazing in an instrumental produced by DarceBeats. It appears Bowale is set to steal the hearts of as many fans as he possibly can at this early stage of his career. Bowale’s music is a breathe of fresh air in the Nigerian music scene with a perfectly ratio-ed blend of the old school and new school sounds. He is a versatile artiste that incorporates elements of Afrobeat, Hip-Hop and RnB. “I believe versatility is a tool that every artist should have” says Bowale, This versatility has led him to make songs across different genres and Afro Love is the first he’s sharing with the world.

Listen  to Afro Love below