Princess Okoh , the 19-year old singer who is currently juggling her music career and her law profession at Nottingham is releasing a new body of work , an EP titled Woman. Princess Okoh has been performing on stage as well as covers but officially debuted in 2015 with the soulful hit “Heartless” and then put out a collaborative EP Dear Cupid which focused on topics relating to love and relationships. In anticipation of her new work . Here are 5 cool facts about the WOMAN EP you should read.

  • The name of the EP is “WOMAN” and it’s really about my life and my experiences; my growth from childhood till now becoming an adult. There’s also going to be a lot of focus on issues that I am passionate about and themes that are important to me and surround my everyday life.


  • “Woman” is going to be my first solo body of work. Two years ago, I released a project called “Dear Cupid” with my friend and producer, Moyo Fuga. In this EP, I’m really just trying to show listeners that I can deliver just as well on my own as on collaborations.


  • The EP is definitely very experimental. At the point in time I came up with the idea for the EP, I was taking a short break from making music because I wanted to work on finding my sound and develop my skills as a songwriter, so this EP will show that I went all out trying different genres and I also tried to be very flexible with my lyrics and the themes I centred my songs on. I’m certain that listeners will see this EP as a massive growth in terms of my sound and they’ll get to hear another side of Princess Okoh.


  • “Woman” is inspired by a lot of things I experienced growing up, for example being pushed to the side when family matters arise just because I’m female despite being the eldest child.


  • On this EP, I worked with a variety of upcoming producers, and I’m really excited about that because before recently, I’d only worked with about 3. I also have quite a few people featured as well, no names for now though.