It’s almost impossible to talk about Mojeed’s new body of work without referencing his previous work. In a sense he’s continued from where he started; retaining elements from his previous work and merging new but familiar sounding elements.

One thing that’s very apparent in his sound is his ability to impose his personality and demeanor effortlessly regardless of the mood of the song in question. He also maintains his direction – the life of an IJGB Nigerian; and fluid bilingual transitions all through this new project.

He kicks off the tape with In Search, and Eko Atlantic follows right after. Both songs contain strong nostalgic element as he references titles from his debut tape, Westernized West African on the first, and familiar vocals in Yoruba of  Omosco surface on the intro to the second, which is pretty much an anthem for the Island region of Lagos.

Then comes The Charm which contains numerous contradictions, one of which includes the fact that it could be considered one of the most laid back songs off the tape but it’s also quite competitive as Mojeed and Show Dem Camp’s Tec exchange solid bars. It’s also very traditionally influenced considering the instruments, content and samples.

Love Spell is a romantic number where Mojeed pours his heart out to a love interest by adapting a more vocal approach by doing a lot of singing. It boasts the only other feature on the tape; Tesh Carter drops a modest verse and provides some pleasant background vocals. The penultimate track Ko Shi Lo which was released as a single in 2016 is pretty much feel-good music. He rounds the tape up with Eleniyan which strongly incorporates traditional instruments and it has a feel of gratitude to it.

As opposed to Westernized West Africa, the production team is wider, made up of producers: Spax, Jmoh, Balli, Billionea, Focus Ramon & Drill Meister. Their independent sounds come together nicely, keeping the overall direction of the tape in order, which inevitably makes it a delightful body of work.  Mojeed’s message is succinctly delivered with just six tracks spanning nineteen minutes. These short bodies of work have actually become a trend and with quality like this it’s something we’re definitely here for.

By: Seun Osipitan (@manvibess on Twitter)