On Saturday, the 19th of August 2017, RADR joined millennials and lovers of all things New-School in Ceddi Plaza, Abuja to vibe with the Capital’s very own Lady Donli at her debut music concert, The Wallflower Experience. For Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, a city considered to be generally laid-back and conservative, The Wallflower Experience released a new energy and shocked the heart of the city to life with the live performances of various A-List, 21st century creatives spearheading in the art of new-school music.

With a dim average-sized room, bright rainbow-coloured strobe lights, a super skilled live band and an eager, vibrant audience, Ayüü kicked off the show. The hip-hop soul recording artist based in the capital set the tone with Temper, one of his famous songs, preparing the audience for what was about to be a not-so-easily-forgettable night. The show continued with resonating performances by house and soul artist Deena, Yellow crooner Psycho, hip-hop/rap artist Zilla and the wavy WavyTheCreator.

Lady Donli stepped on the stage the first time for the night singing an all-time favourite, Mr. Creeper with Suté Iwar. She stepped off, leaving Suté, the afro-fusion rapper and producer who performed timeless gems, Badagry and Mainland Cruise. The night didn’t stop getting better as alternative rapper Kyrian Asher, the spiritual Cef and Ayüü did not slack in raising the roof. Major highlights of the night were the performances of 1/4 of LOS, the ethereal talent, Tomi Thomas who had the audience singing along to JJC & Sleeping Over, Odunsi the Engine, everybody’s personal favourite who did a jazz version of his freestyle Vanilla & Desire, and the sonorous Tay Iwar. Once again and for the last time for the night, Lady Donli wraps up the show with Alice, Kashe Ni and the sweet sweet Icecream featuring Tomi Thomas.

Indeed, time flies when you’re listening to your favourite artists perform live. The show ended in the early hours of Sunday morning and we did not even notice it. For the first of its kind in the city of Abuja, though it had some set-backs in terms of timing, it was a good turn-out of people, good organization, amazing music and altogether great vibes. The Wallflower Experience definitely did not fail to impress. It was a deserving end of summer event and it will not be a bad idea to expect succeeding Wallflower Experiences in years to come. 

See photos by Adaobi Amechi

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