Radr Plus sat down with Keisha and Lisa Eromosele, young, creative fashion stylists/designers and business owners who just happen to be related, more specifically twin sisters. Having a background in designing, we get to see the fuel behind their love for fashion design as their mother and grandmother also made clothes. The most unique thing about their story is that them being twins is probably the most similarity that they share. With their different tastes in style, ideas and even business sense, Keisha and Lisa share with us what drives them to make the best of their diversity and actualize the dreams that they have for their independent fashion brands, IWADE & LISA ODION.

How did you first start falling in love with fashion?

Keisha: Well, I wouldn’t say I “started”, it was something we were born into. My mum made all our clothes as babies, her mum (our grandmother) also made clothes. So, growing up we always had the opportunity to design what we wanted to wear. I think the whole idea of choosing something that fits you and the chance that no one else would be able to have the same was exciting to me. I love being unique and having my own thing and fashion lets me do that.

Lisa: Well we sorta grew up in a fashion oriented family. Our mum us a designer as well….my dad is practically our stylist cause he loves to dress up and everything. We have two other aunties that are also designers so it was sorta something I grew into and learnt to love. Then we got more involved with styling and tweaking our clothes and i guess the whole idea of it. And for me I love how dressing up makes me feel and I’ve always loved keeping people guessing and rocking styles that people wouldn’t normally wear. I just really love to look good lol. I can’t stand looking like someone else. We had that issue when we were young. We wanted to dress differently and that sorta inspired us to create our own styles basically

That’s really interesting. So if your mom was already a designer, and you both loved fashion too, why didn’t you go for one big diverse brand that represented the three of you? Was that ever an option?

Keisha: Yeah we discussed it after we started our own brands and people asked us why we didn’t just do it all together but for me I like certain styles that might not always go with my sisters and vice versa, we wanted brands tag would represent us and our styles. I also didn’t want to be limited in what I designed because a joint brand means joint decisions and it wouldn’t be fair to either one of us to not be able to give what we wanted because we felt restricted. Also as a twin, we are always put in the same space. We haven’t really been giving the opportunity to do things on our own. And I feel like this is a chance for us to. To make names for ourselves as individuals and help each other grow                        

Lisa: 😂😂omg that was a big convo once keisha started her line. The truth is we did want to start a line together when we were younger. But as we grew up we realized that it’s not easy working together. We have clashing personalities when it comes to working together and mainly we just wanted to have something that represented us as individuals. We did talk about it but after it I realized that as twins it’s so easy to take us as one person. But we are actually really different not only in fashion even the way we approach things. We have different perspectives and there are cases where one wants something perfected more than the other then there are times when one tends to slack off and it’s just not the best thing. We have spoken about collaborations but for now i think we’re just trying to come out and LISA and KEISHA instead of the whole KEISHALISA twin thing. The whole idea is for people to see us separately through our styles. And of course there are times when we have the same ideas and we both want to pursue it. But we always do it differently.

That’s definitely understandable! You guys mentioned having your specific styles. So, can you tell me about them. And if there any major differences between your styles.

Keisha: I don’t use a lot of prints and I like matte colors. I focus more on silhouette and fit with simple styles. I do have a print series for the brand and it helps me go out of my usual look. I Learn how to work with patterns better. But i accessorize with it more. I also love contemporary looks and distressed denim looks. Basically, anything that looks street I love. I adore clothes with subtle detail. Like the dart lines/embroidery. On a normal day, I think I have more of the tomboy look with sweats and a big jacket. I also try and add a bit of that to the clothes for IWADÉ. Recently though, I have gone out of this space and done more of dresses and nice pants especially for the next collection.

Lisa: Well I would say my style is more of artsy, mixed with a little street style and then some hints of girly girl. I say artsy cause I like to go for the odd prints, and bright colors. And I’ve always loved dresses. I think I’ve got a collection of them lol. I don’t like plain things. If its plane its gotta have a bold color that gets people turning heads. I like the idea of someone looking at me and thinking “gosh I love how she wore that. I didn’t know you could rock something like that”. And tbh I’ve always the idea of costumes looking different in every outfit. Sometimes i go 60’s dresses, then I go modern day two piece, sometimes I like the ripped jeans of a big shirt with boots. For me its PRINTS PRINTS and BOLD COLORS . I’m not really a fitted outfit kinda person which is funny cause i model and models usually go for the fitted stuff but I love fall ons and that’s why you’d most likely see me in a button-down shirt and jeans. That hasn’t changed but I guess I’m now open to less prints and more color. And more fitted styles

What inspires your nude looks, use of matte and all that simple stuff

Keisha. : I love when I wear certain things and what attracts them isn’t necessarily the prints or the colours. I want people to pay more attention to the quality of the fabric or the design/details of the outfit and fit. It also shows that you can still slay in be simplest things which is what I go for. 😊😊 Also when I make the clothes I want to be able to wear it everywhere and still feel comfortable because it’s not too much / not enough. Having a matte colour you are able to dress it up or down the way you want. When I see things I like and I’m considering buying it that’s what I think about. I don’t want to be limited in how I decide to wear it. Growing up when my mum made us wear the same thing. I would go and look for something, anything even if it was an earring or scarf I could tie on the waist to make mine different. So working with these matte colours gives the clients options

So you’re very heavy on accessorizing?

Not really, but I like having that option. The option to add something to a look.

Lisa. You scream very outspoken with your choice of color and boldness. Do you ever feel like you can go conservative.  Is there anything that makes you always wanna pop?

Oh okay. Yeah there are times that I go neutral and matte but those are times when I’m not going casual. I’m usually conservative when I’m going formal but when I’m in my casuals, I love to get creative. To me I feel like if it’s something that expresses you. It should be all of you. I’m usually very excited about every little thing. I like things to be very obvious and I’m also a naturally artistic person and I don’t like simple things. So, in my mind I’m like I want to rock something that gets attention. That someone will think “wow that’s different”. Like I said I don’t like dressing like other people. My brand’s aim is to encourage everyone to be confident and have fun with fashion. And that’s what fashion is to me. It’s fun for me. I get to play around it all sorts of styles and make it look awesome. And it’s my style. What I like. I feel like some people go simple because they just over think it. And then they end up dressing down. But for me “whatever you do, do it with style” that’s my motto. And if it inspires more people to try new ideas then yeah that makes it worth it.

Yeah I think it’s pretty obvious now why you both felt the need to run separate brands. You definitely have different tastes. So… Iwade? Panache? What are the stories behind your brand names?

Keisha: My traditional name is Eweade. It means “I did not fall”.  Which for me is a great message to base a business on. It is also representation of where I’m from, my roots and I’m proud of it. This is a Nigerian brand and it suit well. It is also unique which is what I want for my business. My designs and the clothes I sell are a part of me, I will not sell what I will not wear so I am happy to show that in the name. That’s how I came up with “IWADÉ “🤗🤗

Lisa: It took a while to get panache. Just because I really wanted h the brand name to represent me and my personality. And I wrote down things I knew I wanted people to see in my brand and I got googling 😂 lol then I found panache which mean “flamboyant confidence in self and style”. But after a while I saw that panache was a name for a lot of companies and I didn’t like that. I loved the name but if different kinds of brands had it then it just wasn’t me anymore. Because I wanted my name to be in it. I felt like because it’s me as an individual. I wanted it to have my initials and my name. So, I am actually changing it to LISA ODION. Which is going to be the beginning of my new collection. I wanted it to be new name , new styles, new approach. Because with the short time I had panache I learnt a few things and now that I’m coming out as LISA ODION.                        

What made you decide to finally go for panache though?

I felt like panache just had everything I wanted my brand to represent. I actually had almost 10 names in mind and then panache stuck out to me because of the meaning. I wanted to represent and encourage confidence in being different and also being confident in looking different. Self and style.

Rebranding must be exciting for you. Aside from the name, is anything else about your brand changing?                        

Yes, the marketing strategy. The thing is. I’m more of a model than a designer. I really didn’t like having others model my clothes for me unless they were clients and that was something I wanted to change. I want to model my own clothes now. I want people to actually see how I rock my clothes and then get inspired with that’s cause my line isn’t just to sell its also to inspire styles. I have style posts just to keep people in the loop of my aim. I’m also not just going to be selling my own designs. I’m also looking to be selling other brands on Lisa Odion. So, it’s going to be kinds like me closet like my look book. Where people see all my favorite looks and then they can shop my style or a brands style that I love. I’m hoping to also style my clothes with other brands because for me I love to dress up and I hoping to make a business out of it. Not just with my designs but other brands as well. But of course I’m starting with mine and then continuing later with other brands that are willing to work with me. LISA ODION will not just be my designs but my style as a whole. I would wear my designs and pair it with my sisters designs and then tag her line as well as to where my audience can get it from. So I sorta like going into designer/fashion blogger/model in Lisa Odion

So who inspires you guys?

Keisha: Women like Oprah, Kylie Jenner, Toke Makinwa, Adesua Etomi, Ayesha Curry, Mo Abudu, Ade Samuel. These are women that have grown their individual brands and are successful in their fields. They might not all be well known or often listed but I admire how they have been able to grow and make a name for themselves. It makes me want to work harder on myself and brand.

Lisa: I have a lot of people I get my inspirations from and in different ways. Dj Khaled; I love how he thinks big and how he doesn’t settle for less. He’s constantly pushing for you to aim for success and I love that. Zendaya. Because of her dignity and how as someone that has grown so far and so big she still remains humble and she’s so confident. Kim Kardashian and Tammy Hembrow is Australian mum and I live how she just does it all. Keeping fit, having two kids, maintaining a career and still being at the top of their games. I love that about them. Kylie Jenner and the way she handles her business. Her marketing strategies. The three women from (hidden figures: the movie). I’ve always been inspired by women who can handle their business without being dependent on anyone and still being able to do it all as a mum, and a business woman. It just shows me that I can do anything I set my mind on and I can have it all if I’m willing to work hard.

Ok awesome. Last question. What is one thing you definitely want for your brand in the future?

Lisa: I want my brand to be one of the fastest selling brands in fashion. I hope to have a worldwide audience that will be rolling with me as I go. I may come as a store or come as website but I just really want to be desirable. I’m also thinking that sometime I would open a store. But yeah, the main aim to have a large audience that love my designs and what I represent. And for my market to go wider so older and younger people can find something they like.

Keisha: I want an increase in audience. I hope to expand out of the country and make it an international brand one day. I would also love to be able to open a store if I feel like it in future. 🤗 More products; like shoes.  A huuge increase in sales. I just want my brand to grow to a place of stability. I want it to be able to attract a lot of people because of the clothes. I want it to be known for good quality work. Basically, growth is what I want for IWADÉ                        

Lisa: 🏽What she said for me too! 😂I meant just that.                        

Keisha: 😂

And it’s a wrap. Thank you!

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