They say a picture can speak 1,000 words; or in this case 140 characters. Jpg vibe is a twitter page that visits the depths of human experiences – in pictures.

Created in 2016, the page is consistently curating images that inspire a broad spectrum of thoughts and emotions. From feel-good, artsy pics to somber or more reflective photographs, their feed is quite a devoted collection of intriguing photographs from all over the web.

Jpg vibe is run by an anonymous twitter user, silently collecting shots from around the world and telling stories through the perspective of different lenses. My only clue to the identity of the handler is the regular inclination for contemporary African images shot by black creatives around the world.

Whatever the case, Jpg vibe brings a refreshing mine of beautiful, interesting images to our timelines and we love it!

Find them on Twitter @thejpgvibe for some of the goodness.

Words : Adaugo Okoli