When Ladi Adenusi isn’t writing codes at Andela, he’s capturing beautiful lifestyle images at events such as Social Liga. Runway wasn’t initially his go to place to photograph, but Ladi captured the pure essence of both the clothes and runway in his first attempt in the fashion scene. We spoke to him about what inspired him to go for it at the just concluded GTBank Fashion Weekend, and here is what he said.

Why did you decide to photograph runway at GTBank Fashion Weekend?

Umm… my housemates got me motivated actually, Lexash and Prince Meyson. We went for Day 1 and only Lex was shooting. Day 2 came and Prince said he wanted to shoot videos. Lex was shooting backstage, so I decided I’ll come shoot runway too, and voila, that was it.


What was most intriguing about the experience?

I think the runway had to be the most intriguing part for me. I was backstage and shot a few but when I went to the runway, I took my first few shots from LaQuan Smith, and they were great. At the same time, I felt the same thing the guests were feeling. The models were also great with the outfits.


Why didn’t you photograph the conventional runway images?

Well, well! I was in the media spot where almost all the photographers and videographers were, and I realized I couldn’t be shooting with a prime lens from that distance. You can only shoot from there with a telephoto lens. So, I decided to break out of the box, and found a spot closer to the runway and it had to be some place where the models would be facing my lens. All of that was just instinct based on my knowledge.

Would you shoot runway/ fashion photography again?

With no restrictions, definitely. Fashion photography is not really my thing. I’m usually a lifestyle photographer, but I wouldn’t pass up on shooting runway.


Do you think the models killed it on the runway? And did you have any favourites?

The models! Oh, the models! They were as great as the outfits they were modelling. I can’t even begin to mention my favourites cos I had more favourites.!They brought so much life into the outfits and one could even hear the guests being wowed. They were great.


Heres a thread of more images from Ladi on the runway



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