“The fashion shows are so fabulous, but you go backstage and you see what is really happening: You see the work.” -Caroline Herera

Held at Landmark event centre over the weekend,The GTBank Weeknd was filled with so much glitz and glamour. The event was purposed on consumer exposition on the rapidly growing fashion industry in Nigeria.From master classes to the shopping sprees from promising African designers and exquisite runway shows featuring diverse fashion designers and models, the weekend was extremely eventful and the audience with loads of social media positive feedback have proven that they too had a fashion forward experience.

Photographer, Niyi Okeowo focused his lens backstage showing images of the models in their elements. Wearing styles from Laquan Smith amongst others. Niyi Okeowo’s monochrome photos from behind the scenes of the event present an undeniable depth and show the true emotions of the happenings behind the scenes. Niyi being the talented photographer that he is, yet again delivered adequately. Check out our favs from Day 1 and Day 2 of the event

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Words : Adaobi Ajegbo

Photography & Featured Image: Niyi Okeowo