It was billed to be the show for lovers of upcoming talent and lovers of the new-age movement. This was evident in its line-up, boasting performances by Foresythe, Fefefab, Jinmi Abduls, Jeff Akoh, Minz, Tolani, Kash(Traplanta), Laime, Yonda, D-O, to mention a few, and the performances from Dremo, Ichaba and AL Ghalib, were the icing on a very pretty cake. It was hosted by the stunning Simi Badiru, the ever energetic Rooboy and DJ Tej ensured there was never a dull moment.

The setting for the event was the beautiful African Artist’s Foundation located in Victoria Island, Lagos, the entry fee offered great value for your money and even greater value for holders of the Wavy(v.i.p) ticket and All access pass as they were treated to beautiful art and the all-round elegant scenery of the location.

The show was slated to start in the early hours of the evening but due to the Nigerian time ailment, it started much later but DJ Tej kept the crowd moving and the opening performances ensured that it was worth the wait.

The man of the hour; AL Ghalib aka GHALIBONAWAVE, Wavepapii himself, wowed the audience with musical performances on five different occasions, even taking the stage at some point with Fefefab to perform ‘Litty’ in a manner that Travis Scott would approve.

The pick of his performances were his Live Band rendition of ‘Mogbe’ and the closing performance of ‘Tap dat’ alongside Dremo and Ichaba that left the audience ecstatic and chants of ‘Ghalib! Ghalib! Ghalib!’ roamed the airways.

The key to success in the Nigerian Music Industry is to remain talked about. AL Ghalib certainly plans to adhere to this Industry-old adage as plans to release and his debut EP was announced during one of his live sets. He debuted songs from the Ep which the audience immediately caught on, with ‘Ctrl’ already appearing a fan favourite.

If the show is anything to go by, the boy is good. If you weren’t a fan of AL Ghalib prior to the show but managed to be in attendance, you are now.

We wait in anticipation for what 2018 has in store for AL Ghalib’s Surfers.