Andikan has been exceptional this year, the portrait and lifestyle photographer has worked on various fashion projects , magazine editorials and portfolio work amidst the commissioned projects we never get to see.

Andikan just graduated from MiddleEssex University, Dubai with a degree in business information systems and now that hes done hopefully wishes to grow as a photographer .When asked about this year heres what he had to say:

2017, has been a self discovery year in the sense that I now know what works for me and looking to diversify based on my new discoveries.

Looking through some of his best work from 2017 ,we sure as hell agree that hes experimented with his work and in 2018 he defintely is gonna create some amazing visuals so we asked him for his plans for 2018 and he says:

I am looking to work on more personal projects, looking to collaborate more & also to put down my ideas to action, (financial stability can only achieve that if you pay me for my services).

Yes! Pay for his services he said . Because why not . See his some of his work from 2017 that he absolutely wants to share with you .