Rele Arts Foundation announces the third edition of the Young Contemporaries initiative. The initiative that identifies, promotes, and mentors young Nigerian visual artists, giving them the tools needed to succeed critically and commercially in the global art marketplace.

Eliciting themes of multi-layered identities, sexuality, and socio-political discourse, Yasser Claud-Ennin, Habeeb Andu, Abisola Gbadamosi, Dandelion Egho Eghosa and Samuel Olowomeye emerge as young artists to watch out for.

This year the Young Contemporaries exhibition will feature works from these artistes of diverse medium and different skills and will be focused on themes such as sexuality, cultural and self identity, socio-political commentary, and the bi-polarity of human nature.

The resulting exhibition is an indication of a younger generation contributing their artistic voice to societal issues.

The exhibition will open at the Rele Art Gallery on Sunday January 14 2018

Read about the various subject themes each artiste exhibiting will be expressing with their work.


The 29 year old mixed media artist and painter’s body of work will project a socio-critical commentary inspired by his observation and perspectives in the landscape he currently resides.

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Abisola Gbadamosi has been proactive with visual experiments from age three.Her works stem from personal stories and are reflective of experiences crucial to her growth and journey. This also informs the body of work, The Art of Living, for Young Contemporaries. It will take focus of certain aspects of living: issues affecting the way we navigate through living; very much important but not often discussed. Her paintings will render these personal stories as an avenue to engage conversations and hopefully provide carthasis to people who resonate with her work.

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Yasser is a multi- disciplinary artist with his practice extending from visual art to pop productions such as murals and textile imprints.His focus will be based o his multicultural Nigerian and Ghanaian background: Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Ebira and Fanté heritage. His illustrations will depict symbolic representations that speak about this differing identities and the perceptions of a multicultural identity in the world today


Samuel A. Olowomeye is a self-trained artist who creates realistic drawings with pastels and charcoals.He is exhibiting a body of work that promotes African civilization and also attempts to question the concept of Western civilization that has been ingrained in our culture.


Dandelion is a visual artist who primarily works with photography to document progressive periods in the changing social trajectory of gender, sex and sexuality.Her work will present personal stories-effects of stigmatisation- of a largely hidden social group through visual storytelling.