Wanger Ayu has become a stable name in the Nigerian fashion scene and with every collection she releases with it comes a strong message which tells a story . Apart from the beautiful story lining Wanger brings to her work , she continually keeps her outfits classy, gorgeous and beautifully dramatic creating bold statement of sophistication. With ruffles, patterns, sequins and silk tuxedo dresses in cobalt blue and pink, Wanger showcases how chic and comfortable you can look wearing her SS18 collection titled In [RESTLESS] Motion!

Here is the story behind In [RESTLESS] Motion!

“It’s the Nigerian dream; of growth, of peace, of stability.

It is the Nigerian spirit; of dexterity, resilience, of thriving against all odds.

It’s the Nigerian heart; of happiness, of humour, of hope.

It’s the Nigerian story; of wanting more, of wanting to do more, of wanting to be more.

We are constantly in restless motion, because nothing meaningful grows in a comfort zone.”

Sticking to our  design vision of constantly elevating basics, Wanger Ayu’s In [Restless] Motion debunks the idea of Comfort Zoning clothes, and pushes for fashion in a steady state of evolve through its experimental thrive on motion. That good clothing should possess a sense of humour, the kind that grows upon us to others. In [Restless] Motion explores on the thoughts of process, the imaginary notion of garments perceived as a human person and it’s essence to grow into its Self, by itself, with itself and for itself. _____

CREDITS. – Videography: Korexcalibur for Intersection Media (@korexcalibur @intersectionmedia) – Photography: Michael Iloba (@michaeliloba) – Creative Direction & Location Scout: Wanger Ayu (@hey.wanger) – Creative Consultant: Tosin Ogundadegbe (@thestyleinfidel) – Styling: Ugonna Nwaka for Phugo (@itsphugo) – Make up: Udy Nwosu (@yuddy_mua) – Models: Ruth Waziri (@ruddiyeh) & Livally Ten (@livally10) _____”