Dreamchaser Management’s singer and songwriter; Bowale, is back with a follow-up to his amazing debut single Afro Love. The song is titled Would You and it’s produced by Teemix, with STG – mix engineer behind Manya, DO’s Footwork and other hits- on mixing and mastering duties.

Would You is a feel-good type of song, with a beat that will have you nodding from the onset. It’s more than just a man professing love for his girl. Bowale summons all the emotion his heart can muster and lays it all out on this song for his special someone. With every note hit, the tension heightens and the unapologetic sentiment can be felt. It’s simply mushy stuff. A song about love and trust; and trusting Bowale to serenade your ears is possibly one of the best choices you can make.

The saxophone sounds ending this glorious musical journey conjures feelings of sadness because you suddenly realize the song is coming to an end, but super-appreciative that there’s a repeat button. Its Afro-inspired roots is obvious, with percussions that sound like they came straight out of a west african folk song.  Credit to producer, Teemix – Bowale’s longtime producer, for creating a stunning beat for him to lay his great vocals on. This song is the ultimate love fest.

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