Sam Odumosu is an Abuja based photographer who loves to explore new exciting projects . In one of his recent projects he visits Lagos and creates some iconic images of one of the most fascinating buildings in Lagos ,  Alara Lagos. ALARA is a luxury lifestyle brand dedicated to contemporary art, design, fashion, cuisine and culture and with a purpose built structure its easy to be totally blown away by its structure.

Here is a little insight from Sam on what moulded this project

The project is simply titled Alara Serie. I live in abuja and rarely visit lagos, except for events or christmas holidays. I had always heard of Alara and thought it to be the perfect location for an urban afro centric themed shoot, in which i came along to curate the Alara Serie, its just an insight into my creative mind and trying to create images that shake the status quo.

85% of the time I tend to work alone i.e. just me and the model(s) as was the case with this Alara Serie, all creative executing and directing and planning was carried out by me. The two models, Oyinda and Kelechi where just tasked to bring printed outfits to match Alaras African aesthetic, Oyinda fortunately enough makes her own clothing and Kele is a well dressed barrister. All in all, it was a smooth trip, we three had a vibe and we are all happy with how the end result turned out

See the project here

Oyinda: queennerfatiti1 < IG Handle

Kelechi: kay_o_kalu < IG Handle

Sam Odumosu: samodumosu < IG Handle