Fresh from the release of his debut mixtape titled Zaradise, Zarion Uti shares a piece of his mind in his new single “Finito”.

The new single, titled “Finito” and featuring guest vocals from AYLØ, is a sensual mid-tempo song sure to make you fall in love while catching a vibe in the club. The energy of AYLØ and Zarion Uti is evident in the way they execute their verses. The record was produced by Kelvin Johnson, a instinctive killer producer based in Port Harcourt. Veen is responsible for the production of some of Zarion Uti’s most popular songs, such a “Life Of The Party”, “Murder”, “Coffee and Cream” which features Ghanaian sensation RJZ, and many others.

This is the 19 year old singer’s first release of the year so it’s obvious he took his time to get things right. Featuring AYLØ a Nigerian alternative producer, rapper and singer who recently dropped a well acclaimed EP InsertProjectName sometime last year .

Zarion experesses his love for his girl , with a groovy hook that says how important his girl is.

This new single is just one of the many releases that Zarion Uti has planned for 2018

Listen here