Brymo’s new album, Oṣó, is out for purchase on all digital platforms.

The album, Brymo’s sixth, was released in the early hours of today.

The album is Brymo’s customary eleven track long. It also features no one.

Oṣó is completely produced by Brymo’s long term producer, Mikky Me.

The fidelity of Olawale Ashimi’s claim pre-release of the project was put to test and he came out completely as he had described it.

““I think I sort of embraced my rock and jazz side on this album. There’d be no pop music at all. Every song is a bad. I’m really excited.”

The tracks: “No Be Me”, “Heya”, “Mama” all explore the jazz and pop genre to the fullest.

Other tracks on the album include: “Patience and Goodluck”, “God is in Your Mind”, “Time Is So Kind”, “Entropy”, “Money Launderers and Heartbreakers”, “Ọlánrewájú”, “Olúmo”, and “Bá’núsọ”.

Listen to the album here: