David Ibe is a promising Nigerian hip-hop voice and with every song he churns, the promise draws near to fulfillment. From his first full-length project, Dehydration Vol. 1: The Thirst, to some of his other project(s), “Moves”, which is yet to find a home, Ibe has managed to remain thirsty in his quest for listeners. His latest effort, “Black Rose”, manages to be another decent bait for listeners.

“Black Rose” is a rather lucid offering from the hip-hop artiste. The immediate clarity redolent in the song from the first verse makes case for a predilection such that the listener is gripped. The False Ego-produced “Black Rose” opens with a poetic rumination which proves to be rather apt as it gives way to Ibe’s forceful rap over sharp drum snares.

David Ibe’s lines oscillate around disgust and self-indulgent appeals. Ibe raps in the opening verse:

“Woke up to smell the flowers/ struggle for many hours

My dreams be keeping me awake/ Got up and had a shower”

But soon his disgust spreads as he fires warning shots at his rap opponents: “this rappers trying to step to me, I’d eat them like Benihana.”

The intent in “Black Rose” is accentuated by Toni’s haunting hook, a voice on the edge of drowning in its sorrows. The song has earned its place as one of the best offerings David Ibe has ever offered. Even he attested to that in the second verse:

“Mind never been this clear.”

Listen here: